Franchise Owner

17 November 2017

Country: USA
State: Nationwide
Contact: Josh Whiteman
City: Any

Teddy Tennis is a world wide business with over 50 franchisees using and embracing the brand within the UK, USA, and many more countries.
Teddy Tennis is a curriculum based Sports Education Programme that inspires children aged 2½ to 6 years to get active and learn to play tennis. It works by combining Music, Pictures and Teddy Bear Characters into a totally interactive learning adventure that young children love.
We have also created a unique online system that connects you with other franchisees, the customers and the franchisor. This gives you a technological advantage that sets you apart from the average club or coach.
We are looking for entrepreneurial coaches who want to join our team and grow their own tennis business using our unique and proven tots franchise.
Investing in a Teddy Tennis franchise would give you the exclusive rights to deliver Teddy Tennis in a defined area. You can incorporate it within your tennis club to enhance the tots program or use it as a coach to set up your own business.
As a coach we believe a Teddy Tennis franchise would give you the flexibility to become your own boss and create a successful program of your own. One of the great advantages of Teddy Tennis is that it is not limited to one specific tennis court but can be delivered in multiple venues giving you more potential for growth than what you can achieve in a generic tennis club.
We offer access to our existing franchisees so that you see for yourself just how successful this program can be!
Our franchisees have a wide range of skills and we are lucky to work in collaboration with these.
The main characteristics which our most successful franchisees have are:
• Enthusiasm: without exception our franchisees have a real passion for what they do.
• Perseverance: running your own business is not easy, and working from home can be lonely. Successful franchisees have the strength to keep going when faced with challenges, and to show determination.
• Strong communication skills: franchisees have to train and manage coaches, build working relationships with other franchisees and work with members of the Head Office team. The ability to communicate well is critical to the success of their business.
• Good administrative skills: whilst the bespoke Teddy Tennis online system has been designed to minimize the day-to-day administration involved in running the business, attention to detail and strong IT skills are very useful in running a franchise.
• Fit and active: franchisees need to be able to train their coaches, and, whilst it is possible for a franchisee to take a backseat from the day-to-day coaching, they need to be able to step in at short notice in an emergency.

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