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16 January 2020

Country: USA
State: Nationwide
Contact: Dan Godwin
Telephone: 2406879243
City: Los Angeles

Kourts Instructor Search Overview

1. Who is Kourts? – Kourts is a tennis management company that provides tennis clubs with a scheduling software to help manage their court schedule, pros, and players. Kourts also has two apps; Kourts Instructor App for pros to manage their own teaching schedule, and Kourts Player App for tennis players looking to reserve a court, register for a clinic, or book a private lesson.

2. What is Kourts Instructor Search? – Kourts recently launched a new platform called Instructor Search to help bring tennis pros new clients seeking private lessons. Players can view a marketplace of instructors in their area. Each coach’s profile contains a photo, short bio, the times that they are available for private lessons each day of the week, their lesson price, and a few other pertinent details.

3. How does the process work? – When a player finds an instructor that suits them, the player will have the option to either call or chat into Kourts Support. Kourts will gather the player’s contact information, as well as information regarding the lesson that they would like to schedule. Kourts will then contact the instructor, who can either accept or deny the lesson request.

4. What does it cost? – Currently, Kourts does not charge any fee to instructors or players for this service. If this changes in the future, each instructor will be notified and given the opportunity to opt in or out of any pricing agreement.

5. Do I meet the qualifications to join Kourts Instructor Search? – In order to join the Kourts Instructor Search marketplace, an instructor must meet ALL of the following qualifications:

1. Be legally allowed to teach at the location that they specify
2. Be able to teach all types of players (i.e. non-members) at the location that they specify

6. Do I have to be USPTA or PTR certified? – Kourts does not require tennis pros to be USPTA or PTR certified, but any certifications are a plus. For pros claiming to USPTA or PTR certified, Kourts requires proof/documentation showing that their membership is up-to-date.

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