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Tennis Director

26 August 2021

Country: USA
Location: Tennis Jobs in North Carolina

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Tennis Director
Country Club in Salisbury, North Carolina is looking for a Tennis Director.

Position Overview:
A. General
• Supervise all tennis play, as directed by the club and tennis committee.
• Supervise charging of court fees and other privilege fees.
• Supervise the rental of club/facility equipment and the maintenance thereof.
• Provide competent tennis instruction for all groups and levels of players.
• Supervise personnel such as assistant professionals, shop personnel, maintenance staff, etc., in the performance of their duties.
• Enforce all the club’s/facility’s rules and regulations governing the use of the facility, its equipment and other property.
• Operate and maintain a reputable pro shop staffed with competent personnel and featuring quality merchandise and services.
• Maintain close relationships with the other club professionals (golf, swimming, etc.).
• Enthusiastically encourage tennis participation by planning events to promote the sport and fellowship in the club/facility. Prepare tennis clinics, fun playing events or tennis education programs, etc., for such activities.
• Represent the club/facility in professional tennis activities, including meetings of the national and/or local division of USPTA and in tournaments such as pro-ams with members, as well as state or national tennis events as time will permit, but only with the approval of the tennis committee.

B. Programs
• Ensure programs are in place at the club/facility to service the entire membership (juniors, adults, etc.).
• Organize periodic special events at the club/facility in an effort to attract and retain members’ tennis interests.
• Provide beginner through advanced instruction to enhance broad-based member participation.
• Provide guidance to the tennis committee for the proper programming of the club/ facility based on the number of courts, personnel and funds necessary for operational management.
• Help in the preparation of an annual calendar of tennis activities for the club/facility.
• If required, assist club/facility officials with the preparation of an annual budget for the responsible operation of the tennis facilities.

C. Maintenance
• Inspect the courts/facilities on a daily basis prior to the start of play and ascertain that all necessary maintenance has been performed.
• Be certain that necessary personnel for the maintenance and upkeep of the club/ facility are hired and knowledgeable.
• Make certain that the necessary equipment for the maintenance and upkeep of the club/facility is on hand and properly maintained.
• Keep the tennis committee informed on the status of the club/facility and equipment for the purpose of budgeting for replacement and repair items.
• Ascertain that all areas of the tennis club/facility are neat and clean at all times.

D. Tennis Pro Shop Operations
• Keep pro shop in clean and presentable condition.
• Maintain hours of operation of the pro shop agreed upon by management and the tennis committee as permitted by weather.
• Maintain tennis merchandise at a reasonable level commensurate with members’ needs.
• Provide necessary coordination with the club/facility accounting system to assure a smooth billing operation.

How to apply:
Please send your resume to the email provided.

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